Letters to the Editor

Electoral fail

I find myself more than a week after the presidential election becoming ever more discouraged, disappointed and disillusioned. Am I the only American who feels this way?

As the popular vote continues to grow in favor of Hillary Clinton, I feel increasingly outraged. More than 1 million more Americans voted for Clinton, not an insignificant number.

Every single one of those votes is a voice. These voices matter, and their votes should count regardless of in which state they were cast.

The Electoral College was not created to be a ceremonial, rubber-stamping institution without meaning. It has one job, to ensure that the best and right person is elected president.

This one job was created by the Founding Fathers to protect our democracy from an election mistake. The American Revolution was fought because the laws forced upon our Founding Fathers were unjust.

Where is our fighting spirit? I ask that the leaders of the Democratic Party to stop rolling over and step up. Declare that a bully is not fit to be president because might does not make right. Right makes right. Instead of learning about history, let’s make history.

Diane Gillan,

Coral Springs