Letters to the Editor

Resist Trump

President-elect Trump has backed torture, seeks a ban on Muslims, once advocated for the murder of the families of suspected terrorists, has a history of denigrating and assaulting women, was originator of the racist birther movement, mocked the disabled, scapegoated immigrants and incited crowds to beat up protesters.

His campaign manager, Stephen Bannon, who has an undeniable history of ties to white-supremacy groups and of making anti-Semitic remarks, is now set to become one of the most powerful staffers in the White House. If this isn’t fascism, it’s certainly something approaching it.

A century ago, the left had the slogan, “Fascism means war.” And while I would never support violence, I absolutely support a peaceful, constructive mass protest movement against Trump. He and his brand of politics must be resisted and never mainstreamed.

John Ise,

Miami Shores