Letters to the Editor

Real estate’s climate

It’s hard to believe that not one of the real estate professionals interviewed in the Nov. 14 article “What will Trump’s presidency mean for Miami real estate?” even mentioned the words sea-level rise, climate change, or sunny-day flooding.

These climate-related issues pose a grave risk to the marketability of billions of dollars in South Florida real estate.

What does Donald Trump plan to do about it? Apparently nothing. In fact, just days after his election he announced he’ll shut down all federal climate-mitigation initiatives. Surely this does not bode well for Miami real estate.

Those who care about Miami’s real estate should encourage Trump to embrace market-based climate solutions such as the carbon fee and dividend plan being proposed by the GOP’s eminent economist, former Secretary of State George P. Shultz. His plan is prudent, business-friendly and politically viable — even in today’s partisan environment.

Jay Butera, senior congressional liaison, Citizens’ Climate Lobby,

Gladwyne, Pa.