Letters to the Editor

Animal rescue

I was ready for a nap and a Dolphin game on Sunday. However, at the side of the pool, I spotted a hawk down. I got a garbage bag only to find him pecking at me and flapping one wing. My heart sank, What to do? I ended up calling the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station.

The gentleman said they would send someone out immediately. I have been involved in numerous animal rescues, but this is the first time I heard those magic words.

On schedule, the van pulled up. A wonderful young woman in wading boots and with a net got out. I took her to the bird. She said “I know what this is and I think I am not too late.” With that she scooped up the bird, using her bare hands, and tucked him under her arm. I learned that if a bird is paralyzed, he cannot blink his eyes; my diagnosis of broken wing was out the door. This bird was a victim of probable rat poisoning.

The Pelican Harbor Seabird Station never asked for a contribution, but believe me, this organization has jumped to the top of my donation list.

Adrienne Vynne, Pinecrest