Letters to the Editor

Help Afghans

There is a plethora of injustices that could be rectified but for the apathy and political and personal agendas of elected officials.

Americans who love their country and, by extension, its defenders should be disturbed and morally outraged that Congress has not re-authorized or increased the visa allocation for the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program. It is a bipartisan measure created to provide Afghans who worked as interpreters or in other critical positions for U.S. military forces with a path to seek a safe haven in the United States.

Thousands of Afghans have risked their lives in service to our country and are now being hunted along with their families by ISIS and the Taliban.

Congress has abandoned them. If it does not act to get these folks out of Afghanistan immediately, these valiant Afghans, who have proven their loyalty and devotion to the United States, and their families will likely die.

Paulette Dale,

Highland Beach