Letters to the Editor

Voters’ neglect

While we await election results to be certified, there is one thing we know with scientific accuracy: Almost half of us were not driven by passion — be it hatred, resentment or a desire for change — to vote for Donald Trump.

Media have tended to conflate “actual voters” with the “electorate,” divining a story that is more emotional, and far darker, than the truth.

The preliminary results tell a story not of passion, but of indifference: almost half of all eligible voters simply didn’t show up to vote.

To start, Americans aren’t good about registering to vote.

Per the Census Bureau, by the 2014 elections, only 64.6 percent of Americans who were eligible reported being registered.

And Americans aren’t good about voting.

According to the United States Elections Project, of the 231,556,622 Americans who were eligible to vote in 2016, only 133,983,600 cast a ballot.

This means a scant 57.8 percent of possible voters chose to go to the polls, and only 27 percent voted for Trump.

Sure, Trump won. And, yes, we should feel ashamed.

But not for the reason we think. We’re not a country of haters who elected a reality TV star.

The real problem is that we’re a country of shirkers.

We stayed home.

Sarah Helene Sharp,