Letters to the Editor

‘Uncle Donald’

Despite the offensive and deplorable things he has said, proposed and done during the campaign, I am rooting for Donald Trump to succeed. He will be my president.

I will imagine him as the crazy uncle I can always count on to say the most outrageous and inappropriate things. I’ll commiserate with other family members (“Can you believe what Uncle Donald said at Thanksgiving?”).

But I will still love him. Because he is family.

I will try to give him the benefit of the doubt, knowing that he doesn’t always “mean what he says,” and besides, Mom has always said “he means well.”

Don’t get me wrong. I will speak out when I disagree with him and condemn any actions he takes that in my estimation cross the line. But I will respect him.

And unless and until he does something so bad where I would tell my parents that I refuse to go to Thanksgiving dinner if he's going to be there —hopefully we’ll make it to Thanksgiving — he will be my “Uncle Donald.”

David Edelstein,