Letters to the Editor

Archbishop Thomas Wenski: A message of civility for the nation

Archbishop Wenski
Archbishop Wenski

Faced with two unpopular candidates, voters held their noses and voted for the least worse option. Both were flawed candidates. Donald Trump’s negatives were seen as evidence that he was a “sinner,” whereas Hillary Clinton’s negatives hinted at corruption.

Pundits underestimated Clinton’s weakness as an “establishment” candidate at a time of popular anger toward all establishments.

The populism represented by Trump has its parallels in Great Britain’s vote to leave the European Union (Brexit) and the failure of the peace referendum in Colombia.

With his victory, President-elect Trump earns a fresh assessment and reevaluation. As Clinton said in her concession speech, “We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.”

A Trump presidency represents an opportunity to bring to the Supreme Court originalists who will interpret the Constitution rather than to legislate from the bench.

A more liberal court would have found a “right” to assisted suicide and further erode religious freedom.

Catholics should welcome Trump’s pledge to support school choice.

Supporting the contributions of Catholic schools and addressing failing public schools would truly help “make America great again.”

But we also need comprehensive immigration reform.

If we need “walls,” we need walls with “doors” because some of our “greatest Americans” have been immigrants and refugees.

“Making America great” means learning from the mistakes of the past.

After World War I, Americans opted for restrictionism, protectionism and isolationism, which led to the Great Depression and made World War II inevitable.

Hillary Clinton, President-elect Trump and President Obama set a hopeful tone. Let’s hope that tone of civility endures.

Most Rev. Thomas Wenski,

Archbishop of Miami