Letters to the Editor

Remembering Sue

Much will be written about Sue Miller, who, in a sense, was a gardener. She planted the seeds for new ideas and seemingly unreachable goals that grew our community to new heights and spread to the national level. Never did she take credit for setting the bar high. Instead, she sang the praises of those heroes who did the grunt work.

Not only did nonprofits such as United Way, Council for Educational Change and The Sue and Leonard Miller Judaic Studies benefit from her vision and generosity, there also were countless people for whom Sue found pathways to help through troubled waters. Sometimes, it was a medical problem for the parent of a talented young musician who didn’t know where to turn.

Sue was a mother figure to so many, but first and foremost to her extraordinary adult children who are already carrying on the legacy of her late husband Leonard Miller and her own.

I was privileged to know her and honored by the title of best friend, along with my husband Harry. It’s difficult to envision life without her. We were just regular girlfriends who shared our dreams for a better world and most of the time just chatted about everyday stuff. Oh, how she will be missed.

Joan Peven Smith,

Coconut Grove