Letters to the Editor

West Grove

Anyone who drives into Coconut Grove along Grand Avenue has seen the same blighted buildings despite 13 years of promises for revitalization. Just ask yourselves, “If it looks like that on the outside, what does it look like on the inside?”

For slumlords to force thousands of tenants to live in squalor demonstrates a complete breakdown of just government and equality before the law. These areas of the West Grove are more similar to apartheid South Africa of 50 years ago then the modern, tropical oasis on the cover of ritzy magazines.

We cannot allow money to corrupt our morals and our politics, with the destruction of our traditional and historical communities as a result.

I’m just the white lady who drives around in the golf cart trying to help. I can’t help, but I must ask: “Where is the outrage?”

Kathy Parks Suarez,

Coconut Grove