Letters to the Editor

Simple narrative

Historians will spend years crunching data, looking for patterns. But a very simple narrative that covers it all.

The Republican Party is the party of the aggrieved. They have one, non-complex message — whatever your grievance, you’re right. We agree with you.

Immigrants take good American jobs? You’re right. Popular culture is destroying our values? You’re right.

The government wants your guns? You’re right. Terrorists are coming here to kill you? You’re right.

The police are under attack from violent criminals? You’re right. Christianity is under attack from liberals and Hollywood? You’re right.

Transgender people want to come into bathrooms and assault children? You’re right. Abortion is destroying our country? You’re right.

The Republican Party agrees with the aggrieved, the Democrats argue that the aggrieved are misinformed or benignly misguided. There is no possible power in this country stronger than a coalition of the aggrieved.

The voters did not signal an approval of Trump, the man. The Democrats wasted all their bullets in an effort to expose Trump as a phony, a charlatan, a sexist, a racist, as self-interested and poorly informed. People weren’t voting for Trump, they voted to be told that they are right.

David Schrager,

Pembroke Pines