Letters to the Editor

Second chances


The Feb. 12 editorial, An overdue correction, shines the light on important legislation pending before the Florida Legislature.

We applaud the leadership of Sens. Rene Garcia and Arthenia Joyner and Rep. Mia Jones in recognizing that children involved in the justice system deserve second chances.

In a recent evaluation on juvenile records protection by Juvenile Law Center, Florida scored below the national average because it fails to keep juvenile records confidential and limits their availability for expungement. In Florida and across the country, youth involved in the juvenile-justice system are stymied in their efforts to pursue professional careers because they are ineligible to have their records expunged until long after their cases have closed.

The legislation is one important step toward reforming the system so that kids can move past their court involvement and become valuable and contributing adults.

Riya Saha Shah, staff attorney, Juvenile Law Center,