Letters to the Editor

Miami Beach healthcare

Mount Sinai Medical Center, which has a virtual lock on hospital, diagnostic and other outpatient services in Miami Beach, now seeks exclusivity.

One of its attorneys proposed to the Miami Beach Planning and Zoning Board recently that the city should have an ordinance restricting those types of medical services to “hospital districts.”

There is only one hospital district in the city — the Mount Sinai Medical Center location.

The board voted to refer the item to the City Commission. As Baptist Health attempts to expand primary care, urgent care, diagnostic services and outpatient services to Miami Beach residents, this proposal is quite concerning. We feel strongly that the Miami Beach community deserves choices in healthcare, just like the rest of Miami-Dade residents enjoy.

We encourage the Miami Beach City Commission to make a decision in the best interest of its residents.

Brian E. Keeley, president and CEO, Baptist Health South Florida, Miami