Letters to the Editor

We can’t become a nation of bullies

The morning after the presidential elelction, I’m sure many people were suffering from a huge hangover.

It’s too easy to blame the women who voted for Donald Trump. Those who accepted his excuse for his vulgar talk as locker-room talk obviously do not expect to be talked about or treated with respect.

When we look around us and see the influences in our society that breed such low expectations, such as sexist song lyrics, it’s easy to see why many women believe such disrespect is normal.

It is actually men who are responsible for Donald Trump’s victory. There are two myths infecting our country. One is that there is a war on Christianity, and the other is that white, middle-class men are getting the shaft. Yes, jobs have been taken away, but that doesn’t stop anyone from learning a new trade or moving to a new location where jobs are more readily available. We are all responsible for our own lives.

Deep at the heart of the election results is that our country has become a nation of bullies, and to be a bully is now a matter of pride to both men and women. Look at the videos of any rally, not just the Trump rallies. Men and women alike with mouths wide open, screaming obscenities and threats. Look at clips of sporting events, and you will see the same kind of disrespectful, bullying behavior.

We seem to have lost our ability to live and let live, agree to disagree and respect the opinions of others.

I understand the need for change in our country, but what causes change is unity, not division.

But through our political system and the lies we are told we have become a nation divided. The results of this election is the equivalent to being angry with the ring master, so you throw the ring master out and give the job to the clowns.

There has to be a better way to bring about change.

Jean Tucker,

Miami Springs