Letters to the Editor

Ticket all jaywalkers?

I have been reading the abundant letters about jaywalking and other traffic woes. The police seem to be listening.

My younger teenage son was ticketed for skateboarding on Lincoln Road. He had to miss school for his court date where the judge immediately dismissed his case (thanking him for wearing a tie).

My other teenage son just got a ticket for jaywalking. He was coming home, in the middle of the afternoon, crossing our residential street near 29th and Sheridan, where no crosswalks are in sight, directly across the street from our house!

Being a freshman at FIU approaching finals, this is not a good time to have to miss classes simply because he was walking home. This occurred in the middle of the Miami International Boat Show, in a quiet, deserted neighborhood when the rest of Miami Beach was clogged with traffic, visitors and infractions at every street corner.

I fully agree with the need to enforce those disregarding the laws.

However, please make sure that you are not forcing our children to miss school, nor are you wasting our judges’ time or our taxpayers’ money for such ridiculous tickets as these. There are many more parts of this city where jaywalking and other poor behavior on the street is a dangerous practice and needs to be resolved.

Valerie de Roca, Miami Beach