Letters to the Editor

Bad stretch of traffic

Here’s a troubling stretch of bad traffic: Southwest 82nd Avenue from Southwest 168th to 120th streets, where it meets U.S. 1.

There are many lights, and you catch every one. They should be timed so that if you go the speed limit — 30 miles per hour — they would be green.

Let’s not forget that the Busway was a huge mistake that we continue to live with. Just sit and watch the empty lanes with only an occasional bus carrying a few riders, while U.S. 1 is bumper-to-bumper with tens of thousands sitting in traffic.

How many more tens of thousands could travel those empty lanes each day, to say nothing of the right turns that cannot be made because the Busway further slows down traffic?

Greater Miami has really bad traffic engineers. My opinion, but I think you’d have a hard time finding drivers to disagree.

Manya Lowman, Miami