Letters to the Editor

A costly Marlins’ deal

I couldn’t disagree more with Greg Cote’s Feb. 13 column, More proof anti-Loria fans should just let it go. Cote claims that, “A smart businessman strikes the best deal he can; it’s the politicians who are paid to protect the taxpayers’ interests.”

For sake of argument, let’s say that Jeffrey Loria didn’t actually use deception to dupe our astute politicians into giving away taxpayers’ money. I also hold the politicians responsible for the Marlins fiasco, but that doesn’t mean I should just let it go.

His deal will cost taxpayers for decades. I was ripped off by the Marlins and by the politicians.

I see no reason to just let it go. If fraud was involved, there should have been — or even should still be — legal consequences.

John Goehl, Biscayne Park