Letters to the Editor

Out-of-control traffic

The driving situation in Miami is out of control and only getting worse. It is a hopeless situation without the hiring of hundreds of law-enforcement officers, including state troopers assigned just to traffic.

Road-rage perpetrators are not mandate to get psychological counseling or anger-management groups, and they are not ordered to volunteer in the morgue. Cars need to be confiscated from repeat offenders and donated to a nonprofit organization.

I watch people speed through school zones without repercussion because a school-crossing guard does not instill the fear that a law-enforcement officer does.

We have the highest bicycle-fatality rate in the country. People are run others over, even those in wheelchairs. You are dealing with drivers who have no respect for the law and human life. The punishment should fit the crime. Drunk drivers, speeders, road ragers, uninsured motorists, stolen tag decals. What more? Are we not worried for our families?

Zev Ben Beitchman, Miami Beach