Letters to the Editor

Unclear traffic lanes

Finally, South Florida’s traffic problem is being acknowledged in these pages.

Living in Hallandale Beach and driving almost daily to Fort Lauderdale, is dangerous. I dread it.

You say, don't mention speeders, lane weavers, and tailgaters. I absolutely must. These people combined with the inability of drivers to learn the most basic of road courtesy rules, keep to the slower lanes, when not in a hurry, and use the lanes progressing to the far left overtaking lane, when going at the top speed of 55 to 60 mph.

However, the most appalling offense is the lack of clear road markings, especially on north and southbound Interstate 95, which is probably the cause of many accidents.

The white lines are so badly in need of re-doing or are covered in tire marks that are virtually impossible to decipher. This lack of clarity goes right on up to almost Broward Boulevard.

This to me is a vital situation in need of the most urgent attention. If a person is trying to follow these poor lines, and stay in their lanes, they cannot be aware of what is going on with other cars around them.For the major highway in the state, this is a disgraceful oversite.

Carole Constad, Hallandale Beach