Letters to the Editor

Traffic headaches

Westbound Northwest 36th street approaching the Palmetto Expressway during the morning rush hour is A a terrible traffic hot spot. Traffic to Doral backs up almost to Milam Dairy Road and beyond some mornings.

The exit from the Palmetto Expressway to Northwest 25th Street is another hot spot.

Perhaps the Herald can address whether the Doral City Council is taking traffic concerns into account when it approves new warehouse construction, new housing developments, etc. The overdevelopment of Doral causes traffic jams outside its boundaries.

Finally, the worst traffic hot spot is the on-ramp from eastbound 112 to southbound I-95. The design of this is terrible. The ramp merges from two lanes to one lane, and then that lane merges with a lane coming from the Julia Tuttle to southbound I-95.

Shawn Devendorf,

Miami Springs