Letters to the Editor

Speed on the express lanes

Re Sandra Wilkie’s Feb. 19 letter on traffic: I have a question. Why do many people think that driving the speed limit in the fast lane, or any lane for that matter, is an irritant? Why have speed limits at all?

Recently, I was driving on the Don Shula Expressway, keeping pace with the traffic. I happened to look at my speedometer and it read 78 miles per hour. I also noticed that the fellow behind me was getting irritatingly close to my bumper because I apparently was blocking his way.

The problem was that I didn’t have any place to go. The drivers in the right lane were going just as fast. The speed limit was only 60 mph.

As soon as it was safe to do so, I sped up a bit and moved over to let him pass. I was doing over 80 mph, and he flew by me as if I were standing still.

So again I ask, Why do we have posted speed limits and why do people get mad when we adhere to them? The fast lane is for people doing the speed’ limit. The right lanes are for slower traffic and trucks.

Either enforce the speed limits or get rid of them.

Bob Reyes, Homestead

Traffic headaches