Letters to the Editor

Double standards

What if president candidate Barack Obama was married three times and had five children with three different wives? This questions is for all the evangelicals.

What if he was on stage before a crowd of people and gave out a sitting senator’s personal cellphone number?

What if he called a sitting senator, former governor and other candidates names as if he were on a preschool playground?

What if he was in front of a crowd of people and made fun of a reporter with a disability. This question is for Sarah Palin, who once made a big deal out of a similar situation. She was offended because she has a challenged son. Where is the outrage now?

What if he shared a bond with Russian leader Vladimir Putin? This question is for all the love-of-country patriots.

If any of this were the case, Barack Obama would not have been nominated or a two-term president.

James Williams, Davie