Letters to the Editor

Machado no ‘naïf’

Fabiola Santiago wants us to believe that poor, innocent Alicia Machado was caught up in the Miss Universe contest against her will (“Her name is Alicia Machado. Take that, Donald Trump,” Sept. 27). She did not know what to expect?


Beauty pageants are big business in Venezuela, and there are beauty academies and factories that train future winners, who are a great source of national pride in Venezuela.

Becoming a “Miss” is the dream of many Venezuelan young women. So, Machado was not a naïf. She knew what she was signing up for.

Eating what you want and gaining 60 pounds is not an option for these women. Miss Universe is a beauty brand like other businesses. Shame on Machado for being ungrateful, and shame on Hillary Clinton for using her in this way.

Cindy Ziv,