Letters to the Editor

Is the GOP proud of Trump’s behavior?

The Republicans who have come out to endorse Donald Trump must be so proud. This is their standard bearer, their nominee and representative. The first presidential debate definitely showed his utter lack of command of the issues, and also highlighted his nonexistent impulse control — which he continued to put on display last week by rabidly lashing out at a past Miss Universe, contradicting himself and ending on Saturday mimicking Hillary Clinton’s illness and questioning her marital loyalties.

This is whom the GOP has hitched its wagon to. This is the best it’s got?

Trump’s personal taxes, which he didn’t reveal as every residential candidate for a generation has done, expose not only he likely hasn’t paid federal taxes since 1995, but also that he lost almost $1 billion in a year. That makes him a business genius according to his surrogates?

Who lost money in the mid-90s, particularly in real estate? He has no plan to change this particular tax code and, in fact, pledges to further cut taxes on the 1 percent.

He and his surrogates say he wants to do for America what he did for his business. Five bankruptcies, losing a billion dollars in one year during the high times in this country, making money off of the backs of the little guy, including stiffing contractors and those who invested in him — who lost when he declared a loss and didn’t have the special real estate tax loopholes to recover.

I don’t see a genius. I see a business failure that, without starting with a gift from Dad and the tax loopholes, wouldn’t have been able to sell his name to make a buck.

He is rude, immature, uninformed about not only the basics of our Constitution but foreign policy and diplomacy. Strength is not lashing out at anyone and everyone who dares to question him. That is a sign of narcissism and a lack of self esteem.

Proud indeed.

Felicia Tannehill

Biscayne Park