Letters to the Editor

Beyond shock

When Donald Trump used the six-pointed star to smear his opponent, he signaled to his supporters that anti-Semitism was in his campaign’s sanctioned realm of political incorrectness.

Since then, I have seen his supporters call for “firing up the ovens,” and “herding them into boxcars.” I have not seen or heard their icon, his Jewish son-in-law, or his followers, repudiate such horrific language or the people and beliefs behind it.

My grandfather devoted his life to saving the Jewish people from Hitler and restoring Jewish society after World War II. He died believing this sort of language would never again be tolerated in a civilized country. Yet Trump’s movement, one that reawakens, welcomes and gives comfort to anti-Semites using Nazi imagery in the public forum, is only two points from the presidency of the United States.

I thought I was beyond shock, but I was wrong.

Philip Stoddard,

South Miami