Letters to the Editor

Destroying ‘magic’

The Sept. 29 article “Is city ready to fulfill broken pledges for a ‘world class’ park at Miami Marine Stadium” says that City Manager Daniel Alfonso will seek to hire a world-class design firm to develop a blueprint for a long promised public “flex park.”

Alfonso said he plans to issue a request for qualifications from urban design and landscape architecture firms to develop a plan to accommodate special events on Virginia Key.

I assume that he wants to convince the people of Miami-Dade and Key Biscayne that the natural beauty of the Rickenbacker Causeway — a reality since it opened in 1947 for the world to enjoy — is not enough. I hope I am not the only person terrified by the insensitivity and lack of vision by the city of Miami.

Yes, it has been “world class” for more than 70 years, but now Alfonso tells us that it requires the help of a “money talks” kind of bureaucrat like him, in love with commercial development.

Alfonso said he wants to identify a firm for what he calls “an urban landscape” on the Marine Stadium’s 15 acres of parking lots that would fulfill the city’s public pledge.

Does he mean an urban environment that destroys the magical character of the causeway?

Raul Llorente,

former member,

Key Biscayne Council,

Key Biscayne