Letters to the Editor

Rental solutions

Re Steven Siegel’s Sept. 29 letter “Disruptive rentals” and related the Miami Herald’s ongoing coverage of short-term rentals, I thought it might be helpful to reflect on the opinion of an actual Miami Airbnb host such as myself.

I hope that our local policymakers will find a way to work with Airbnb that is fair for all parties involved. I have been able to supplement my modest income and provide visitors with an affordable option for staying in Miami.

An added benefit is that Airbnb listings like mine expose visitors to parts of the community that they wouldn’t otherwise see; my guests also give our neighborhood stores and restaurants a welcome boost.

I’m proud to provide a clean, safe and affordable lodging option for my guests. And in a county where middle-class folks like me struggle to make ends meet, the supplemental income that home sharing provides is a game-changer.

Instead of stifling this forward-thinking platform, I hope that local governments will regulate home sharing in a fair and reasonable way.

George Katsikaris, Miami