Letters to the Editor

High holidays

Terror is often achieved by the murder of innocent people.

The murder of thousands of civilians in Syria is not just a crime, it is an abomination and a sacrilege in pursuit of political ideals that are a sad reflection of man’s basic nature.

And it dishonors the one who gave life to us all. We all have been created in the same image yet we all are different. It is those differences that we must respect — not destroy.

We all seek the same goals of love and justice. Yet some have taken the dangerous path of violence to achieve those goals by power. Power in the pursuit of peace only leads to war and not peace. Respect for all mankind could be the solution.

But as difficult as this may be to achieve, it is still our duty to begin. In this season of the Jewish New Year we must reach out to each other in the spirit of humility to repair the world in which our children and grandchildren expect to live.

During this high holiday, we all must reach out to those who are the same and to those who are different and ask for forgiveness in order to live our lives in the new year in peace.


Bill Silver,

Coral Gables