Letters to the Editor

Taxpayers will pay

The gentleman from Hialeah who said he was healthy and didn't need health insurance in the Feb. 14 article, In South Florida, signing up for Obamacare isn’t necessarily an endorsement, is actually saying, if I have a heart attack or other medical emergency, take me to a hospital like Jackson and let the taxpayer pay.

But given his logic, hospitals such as JMH should be able to say, you wanted only to pay for health care you need, so please hand us the $50,000-plus that is needed before we can treat you.

Of course, the uninsured knows that won't happen because the taxpayers are keeping public hospitals and other emergency room doors open to all by law.

The argument that we shouldn't be compelled to buy insurance is only a true argument if we have to face the ultimate fatal consequences of our decision.

Thus the real argument is why should I pay when others will pay for me.

Barry Morris, Hollywood