Letters to the Editor

Jobs for the disabled

It’s about time. No, it’s past time. Miami-Dade, Broward and other counties have spent countless millions on young people with disabilities to prepare them to enter the workforce and become contributing members of our society.

There is a problem, though. Most businesses will not hire these folks and, if they do, eventually assign them to menial jobs in the company, thereby limiting their opportunities for advancement.

In a recent speech Sen. Tom Harkin, a champion for people with disabilities made reference to the fact that the unemployment rate overall has dropped to approximately 5.7 percent, while unemployment for blacks remain at about 11.2 percent. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for Americans with disabilities is 60 percent.

I’d like to ask our business community to extend a hand. to there potential employees. It’s not easy. Some of these folks have speech disabilities while others have physical disabilities. Let’s get these folks working.

And, if you feel you don’t want these people in your companies, don’t complain when when they wind up on Social Security disability rolls because of their limitations — physical or mental. We can find a job for everyone who wants to work.

Patrick M. Reilly, Pembroke Pines