Letters to the Editor

Police abuse, cop killings must end

Re the Sept. 21 article “Cop’s fight with man who thought he saw a mugging costs city $100,000.”

My heart went out to Andrew Mossberg. He, along with thousands of others, became just another victim of police brutality and abuse. The $100,000 that the city paid him was a mere pittance for what he suffered. If this case had gone in front of a jury, he probably would have gotten $10 million. However, it is understandable that he wanted to put this behind him.

Detective Phillipe Archer’s actions were not just inhumane and an abuse of police power, they were evil and barbaric.

Archer’s troubled history, which includes several Internal Affairs complaints, nine federal lawsuits against him and the city of Miami Beach, which cost the city about $500,000, and Archer’s picture, with his arms around Mossberg mocking his bandaged victim, are more than enough grounds to immediately and permanently fire Archer. What civilized society needs a cop like Archer?

Under the circumstances of this case, it is shameful, irresponsible and incomprehensible that the FBI, the State Attorney’s Office and Miami Beach Internal Affairs cleared the 20-year veteran of any wrongdoing. What were they thinking?

Police abuse needs to be stopped. Cop killings need to be stopped. This should be accomplished by not coddling criminal cops such as Archer; by enacting independent agencies to investigate police wrongdoing; by the Legislature enacting statutes that severely punish police brutality; by having higher standards at the time of police hiring; by administering meaningful psychological evaluations to each applicant who wants to become a police officer; and more.

We want protection from our police officers. We do not need cops like Archer. We don’t need more victims. Police abuse is a major failing in our society. Let’s eradicate it.

Emilia Diaz Fox,