Letters to the Editor

Florida’s health

Florida is becoming a cesspool. Our waterways and Gulf are in peril. The collapse of our residents’ health and the economy will surely ensue if action isn’t taken. We cannot vote our way out of this one unless it can be done on a statewide level.

We haven’t had a real Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in our state for several years. Gov. Rick Scott asked the EPA to rescind a determination that the federal rules are necessary for Florida. Scott blames the federal government for not helping. But he fails to mention farm pollution flowing into Lake Okeechobee.

Big Sugar has donated or had fundraisers for both the Clintons and Donald Trump.

How do we bring national attention to the corruption and desecration of our state’s most beloved resource — our water?

We need to clean up one step at a time. Let’s start with the biggest: the corruption of politics and pollution from big agriculture into Lake O without proper EPA controls in place.

Our state needs help. Who in God’s name do we turn to?

Donna Niebauer,

Fort Myers