Letters to the Editor

Short-term rentals

I own a short-term rental in another state that welcomes these rentals. We charge guests the required 9 percent guest tax, which is then paid to the state. I don’t understand where the problem lies in Miami Beach.

People who rent short term are not the same people who rent hotel rooms. It’s obviously about the value, among other reasons.

If you have a small family, many cannot afford a hotel room on Miami Beach and eat every meal in restaurants. On the other hand, these people still spend money in and around Miami Beach. They do eat out in restaurants, rent cars, purchase retail items and enjoy the area like anyone else. In fact, perhaps they get out more than people who may never leave their hotel properties.

Additionally, many of the Airbnb homes are diverse in their offerings and attract a clientele that just does not want to stay in a hotel, especially if they are coming to stay for a couple of weeks. They range from simple rooms to luxury rental homes.

Get a grip, Miami Beach. This is how people are traveling all over the world. This should be a welcome addition to giving people a variety of choices to stay in a world-renowned area.

Judith M. Briggs,