Letters to the Editor

Thankful inmates

Everyone has a story. Inmates are rarely given a chance to let society hear ours, let alone in a mainstream publication.

But Miami Herald changed that for some of us on Friday. We appreciate the recognition given to us in the article (“Inmate stories to be told at main library,” Sept. 23) highlighting our efforts toward change as students in the writing classes offered by the nonprofit Exchange for Change.

The founder, Kathie Klarreich, and her supporters have motivated change in South Florida prisons for the past two years.

Through creative writing, poetry, journalism, debate, rhetoric and other courses, we have been able to unchain our creativity, release burdens and express ourselves beyond the barbed wire surrounding us.

Saturday’s opening of Connecting Sentences, an exhibit featuring some of our writing at the main Miami Public Library, demonstrates how the program has affected us.

No longer are we forgotten books on the shelf.

Our pages are becoming significant. To judge a book by its cover without ever reading a chapter is to imprison your sense of humanity.

Allington Dottin,

Christopher Malec and Eduardo Martinez,

Exchange for Change students at Dade Correctional