Letters to the Editor

José Fernández Field?

As a baseball fan for more than 60 years, I realize that a person like José Fernandez was a rare gift to all of us.

Yes, we will never know what his baseball upside could have been, but what he had already accomplished in his short lifetime was already incredible.

I will always remember watching last week’s 1-0 shutout of the Washington Nationals.

But what was even more enjoyable was watching Fernandez after he pitched, his joie de vivre with the whole atmosphere, his appreciation of his teammates and their love for him.

And his joy after getting the walk-off hit in extra innings last summer!

Fernandez cared about and talked with the average fan, signing autographs even, and in particular, for special needs fans.

Because of all he personally went through, from imprisonment in Cuba, to immigrating over the high seas and rescuing his mother from drowning, to recovering from Tommy John surgery, he remained down to Earth.

He was always appreciative of life in his new country.

There could not have been a better role model for the Miami Marlins franchise. Therefore, let’s open next year’s All-Star season on José Fernandez Field at Marlins Park.

I believe the Miami community would sincerely thank Jeffrey Loria.

David M Ligerman,