Letters to the Editor

Allay your parents’ fears

The news of the deaths of three young men, including José Fernandez, is devastating and brings to mind so many parental fears.

My younger son never could understand our neurotic concern that he text us each night: “But Dad, I’m a 30-year-old man!” But he doesn’t get that our feelings are involuntary or how that feeling in your stomach goes away when you see “Love you dad” on the screen or that gratuitous “Yeah” when you ask, “ You good?”

I’ve always thought that the scariest moment for a parent is when your child takes the car out alone for the first time. That panic that recedes when you hear the car return hours later.

I can’t stop tearing as I think of the families’ grief, the suddenness of the loss. I recall telling my son that if I lost them, there is not enough Prozac to bring me back to coherency.

So to my boys, to all children: Take care, and be sure and check in with the parents, abuelos and siblings. We love you so much.

Mike Melnick, North Miami Beach