Letters to the Editor

Hispanic voters

The Miami Herald’s Sept. 22 editorial, “Oval Office candidates ignoring Hispanics,” seems off base. The “estimated 28 million Hispanics in the United States who are eligible to vote” fall in line with the millions upon millions of Asians, Europeans, Native Americans and people of Middle East, and African ethnicities who call the United States home and who are eligible to vote. Basically, we’re all in the same boat — E Pluribus Unum — and no one culture or ethnicity should come before the other.

Though the Herald suggests that when it comes to Hispanics, “disdain is not a good approach for any politician” and to do so “is at their peril” and “could prove costly for the candidate that doesn’t make a sincere and credible pitch to the diversity of Latinos in this country,” nothing could be further from the truth, especially when one sees that ballots in Miami-Dade are written in three languages: English, Spanish and Creole.

Let us pull together as one, instead balkanizing our community and nation, with each and every U.S. citizen enjoying the same privileges.

Anna Louise Fulks,

Coral Gables