Letters to the Editor

Pam Bondi must resign

Let’s stop calling it “pay to play.” The $25,000 that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi solicited and took from Donald Trump in 2013, while her office was considering whether to join a multi-state case against Trump’s fraudulent “University,” is outright bribery under the Florida law that Bondi is sworn to uphold.

After Bondi took Trump’s payment, she denied Florida’s participation in the legal action against the university.

Chapter 838 of the Florida Statutes, which Bondi knows well, says: “Bribery … means … if a public servant, corruptly to request, solicit, accept, or agree to accept for … herself or another, any pecuniary or other benefit not authorized by law with an intent … to influence the performance of any act. …”

Gov. Rick Scott will take no action against Bondi or Trump, as he is empowered to take. The only avenue open to Floridians to cleanse this important office of the stain that Bondi has caused is to demand that she resign — promptly.

Charles A. Intriago,