Letters to the Editor

Teamwork missing

Regarding Armando Salguero’s column of Sept. 12 (“Dolphins fail to finish in heartbreaking opener,”) I am in complete agreement.

Starting with owner Steven Ross, whom I used to respect, stating “I don't think it was any lack of respect” for the four players kneeling during the national anthem. So why didn’t he kneel as well since he is “100 percent supportive of them?”

Statistically, these four ‘team’ players did not impress. Foster ran for a grand total of 39 yards; Jenkins had 0 tackles and Stills had one catch, but couldn’t catch a sure touchdown that a Pop Warner league kid could have caught.

Thomas is not even in the stats. But he had his hand over his heart kneeling during the anthem. Disgraceful.

All were guilty of disrespecting 9/11, and unpatriotic to our flag. Period. This team will continue to be mediocre as long as all members of the Dolphins do not function as a true team.

Robert Coleman,

Coral Gables