Letters to the Editor

Reassign Williams to ISIS

I do not clamor for the head of suspended NBC anchor Brian Williams. His narcissistic prevarications have harmed mainly himself. He has turned himself into a caricature and a news anchorman who now has even less credibility than the fictional Ron Burgundy of the Anchorman movies.

In this sad era, when elected officials, right up to and in the White House, cavalierly engage in wholesale lying to the American people — and on subjects and issues of far greater import and impact — Williams’ fibs and foibles seem mild by comparison.

Our government lies to us about national security, illegal immigrants, taxes, the economy, real unemployment numbers and the Iranian nuclear threat.

I have a more fitting and proportionate punishment to recommend for “Lyin’ Brian” — one that will teach him a lesson and allow the network to recoup its investment on him: namely, send Williams on permanent assignment to the Middle East to cover the war against ISIS from a helicopter.

If he is ever in a real firefight, he can do commercials for Depends.

Ira Cohen, Weston