Letters to the Editor

Healthy school meals

Re the Feb. 8 article Bad school menu: I’ve been a food-service manager for Miami-Dade public schools for more than 16 years and a menu committee member for more than 10. I’m knowledgeable about the food we serve.

All of our bread products are whole grain, including pasta. We use only brown rice, our pizza is made with low-fat cheese and whole-grain flour. The burgers and breakfast sausage are made from ground turkey. We only serve low-fat/low-sugar milk and 100-percent juice. We serve a variety of fresh fruit and salads and hot vegetables every day.

Our menus not only comply with and exceed the federal guidelines and wellness policy for MDCPS. We have been recognized as pioneers of best practices in the school food service industry and are considered as one of the top five counties in the nation.

Nancy C. Barclay, MDCPS Food Service Manager, Miami