Letters to the Editor

Fishing decision in Biscayne National Park

I’m a second generation Miamian who has fished all my recollecting life. Of those hundreds, maybe even thousands of fishing trips, mostly at Biscayne National Park.

While many of Florida’s Congressional leaders, like Senator Nelson and Representative Ros-Lehtinen, have been taking unfair criticism in the Miami Herald of late for supporting legislation to preserve fishing access in Biscayne National Park, I am personally grateful for their leadership. Taking a significant portion of the park and closing it to the public won’t do anything from a biological standpoint.

We in Miami are fortunate to have incredible marine resources around us, and we need to ensure that reasonable steps are being made to conserve them. But at a time when people are increasingly disconnected from the outdoors, the National Park Service should be doing everything it can to help facilitate recreational opportunities. Instead, Biscayne National Park wants to put up “not welcome” signs. I’m thankful that steps are being taken in Congress to fix this uninformed decision.

Scott Salyers,

Palmetto Bay