Letters to the Editor

Candidate troubles

I watched the NBC Commander in Chief Forum with a sense of incredulity and dismay. Moderator Matt Lauer used eight questions to re-litigate the Hillary Clinton email affair and then tried to hurry her long form answers on plans to defeat ISIS, sexual assault in the military and veterans’ healthcare.

Donald Trump was allowed to side step questions on his “secret plan” to defeat ISIS while praising Vladimir Putin as a leader with an approval rating of “82 percent.”

To make my despondency complete, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate who currently commands 12 percent support in polling, did not know where or what was Aleppo in a TV interview on MSNBC on Thursday. He will not have another chance to make a first impression.

Neither major party candidate would have been my first choice, and in the case of Trump, not in the top 10.

Now that we are 60 days out from the election, the media scrutiny of Clinton’s emails is allowing far more troubling issues with Trump’s business practices and connections to evade public examination.

We do not know if he’s paid any taxes. We do not know if he owes money to Russian oligarchs or to the Bank of China, or perhaps to even more unsavory actors.

We do not know how — or when — he would separate his business from his position as president.

Clinton has had to answer for emails, has been called on — rightly — to disengage from the Clinton Foundation and on the faux Benghazi scandal.

For all her negatives, she is the most experienced person in a generation to run for president. Donald Trump is the least experienced but is being allowed to escape scrutiny and verification of the only credential he presents: his business record.

Lorraine Dowdy,