Letters to the Editor

Trump’s ‘alien’ speech

In his “immigration speech,” Donald Trump, pandering to the anti-immigrant prejudices of his xenophobic supporters, said that he would direct local police to arrest and would immediately deport — without necessarily even giving them a hearing — anyone the police suspected of being a “criminal alien” (whatever that is).

This idea flies in the face of the very basis of our Constitutional freedoms and criminal justice system. Doesn’t Trump know that the president doesn’t control local police and that they are already arresting those for whom there is reasonable cause to suspect they have committed crimes? Isn’t he aware that you are innocent until proven guilty in this great country; that the police are not judges and juries; that deporting refugees — who would be picked up in his proposed dragnets — back to their home countries violates international law?

That’s how things are done in totalitarian dictatorships, Mr. Trump, not in America.

Steven Meyerson,Kendall