Letters to the Editor

Choose wisely

Regarding Sunday’s letter by Sandy Mielke (“Whom to choose?”): Choosing who to vote for should not be so difficult. Decide which candidate has done the most for our country's betterment and who has done the best for themselves. If you did not watch President Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic Convention about how he met Hillary and all that she has done even before she graduated law school, I beg you and others to find it online and watch it. No matter which party you associate yourself with, it is so informative.

I agree it was long, but to hear all that Hillary has done for the people of the U.S.A. is an amazing story. Did you know she helped disabled children get an education? These children had not been allowed to attend school due to their disabilities. She went door to door to find such children.

Whichever side you choose is your choice, but what has Donald Trump done for the people before running for president, except make money for himself and his family?

Cathy Margoshes,