Letters to the Editor

Conflicting interest

The Broward Chapter’s ExCom team for the National Sierra attended the Big Sugar Summit in West Palm Beach on Aug. 20.

As environmentalists, we were all getting updated on the pollution caused by the big sugarcane growing companies — especially runoffs into the Everglades and adjoining waterways.

After reading the Aug. 30 article, “Gov. Scott picks Bacardi attorney to fill Regional Water Management seat,” we learned that Federico Fernandez, a Bacardi Family Foundation Board member, will replace Sandy Batchelor, the lone board member this year who opposed Gov. Rick Scott’s heavily promoted tax cuts, which may significantly reduce the Regional Water Management’s financial budget for Everglades cleanup and restoration.

Bacardi means rum, sugarcane, and Big Sugar companies contributing to the horrendous water pollution in our state.

So we are left wondering how could Fernandez, as a Bacardi attorney and board member, also have been appointed as a Regional Water Management board member to, supposedly, simultaneously monitor Big Sugar's harmful runoffs into the Everglades?

Gov. Scott, isn’t this appointment a conflict of interest, to say the least?

Ina Oost Topper,

Chair, National Sierra,

Broward Chapter,