Letters to the Editor

Voting optional

In a letter to the Editor in Sunday’s Miami Herald (“Whom to choose?”), Sandy Mielke, after making a good case of why both presidential candidates are wrong for our country, calls not voting “plain stupid and irresponsible.”

I will point out that demeaning adjectives do not make a rational point. To the contrary, in our Constitutional Republic — not led by direct voting — this act is not an obligation, but a privilege. As such, it has to be protected by making an informed decision of whom, if any, would be the best candidate to improve the present status, which means the best of the pair, not the “lesser of two evils.”

As Prof. Jason Brennan clearly expressed in his book “The Ethics of Voting:” “Citizens have no standing moral obligation to vote. Voting is just one of many ways one can pay a debt to society, serve other citizens, promote the common good, exercise civic virtue, and avoid free-riding off the efforts of others.”

Fernando J Milanes,