Letters to the Editor

Black Lives

In regard to a recent Letter to the Editor by Ollie Daniels and Bob Cebrat concerning what the Black Lives Movement should protest against: I highly doubt if either of these gentleman have spoken to any members of the Black Lives Matter movement, so how can they suggest to this organization how and what they should protest about?

So, since they appear to be in the dark about this organization and its goals, please allow me to attempt to make it plain and clear to them and others who think like them.

As a retired law enforcement officer, I hate the idea of anyone being killed, harmed or injured by another human being.

I think the Black Lives movement's main concern is the unjust killing of unarmed black men, women and children for minor offenses and no one is held accountable for it.

I guess that is too simple for some people.

My question is, why haven't any of the people who constantly try to degrade the Black Lives Movement Organization made any statements about the the two young men that attacked and killed other white people while they were strung out on drugs? Don't White Lives Matter?

And yes, black people do have meetings to discuss how they detest unwanted crime in their neighborhoods, but it is rarely covered by the media.

A.D. Richardson,