Letters to the Editor

High skilled Brits

Your Sept. 5 article about the critical and ongoing shortage of skilled craftsman in Florida is welcome and long overdue.

As Miami-based President of the Florida Association of British Business (FABB), my relocation team has been advising UK-based Britons on moving to Florida since 1997.

From all corners of the UK, we continue to receive queries from highly skilled and experienced British electricians, plumbers, carpenters and builders.

As we know, these are among the best craftsmen in the world, with 1,000 years of building to the highest standards.

Each would be an asset to Florida’s vast construction industry.

Due to the lamentably outdated immigration laws here, I have to advise each applicant that such manual labor skills do not allow them to move here.

The U.S.A. is shooting itself in its business foot by not creating such a craftsmen category.

I remember Gov. Jeb Bush, who maintained strategic business ties with the UK, pushed for such immigration reform, bowing to demand from Florida employers. In 2016, Florida’s construction firms are still wanting.

All the senseless immigration noise about keeping out Muslims and Mexicans hides this fact: More pressing is a visa change to allow in Brilliant Brits to Build for America!

Patricia Kawaja,