Election Recommendations

Here are the Miami Herald recommendations for the Nov. 6 general election

Early voting in the Nov. 6 election starts Oct. 22.

As the Editorial Board does every election year, its members interviewed the majority of candidates that Miami-Dade voters will see on the ballot.

Here are our recommendations as a simple list so voters have something to take with them to the polls.

United States Senator

Bill Nelson

Representative in Congress, District 23

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Representative in Congress, District 25

Mario Diaz-Balart

Representative in Congress, District 26

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

Representative in Congress, District 27

Donna Shalala

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Andrew Gillum and Chris King

Attorney General

Sean Shaw

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Ring

Commissioner of Agriculture

Nikki Fried

State Senator, District 36

Manny Diaz Jr.

State Senator, District 40

Annette Taddeo

State Representative, District 103

Cindy Polo

State Representative, District 105

Ana Maria Rodriguez

State Representative, District 108

Dotie Joseph

State Representative, District 111

Bryan Avila

State Representative, District 112

Nicholas Xavier Duran

State Representative, District 113

Jonathan Parker

State Representative, District 114

Javier Fernandez

State Representative, District 115

Vance Aloupis

State Representative, District 117

Daniel Anthony Perez

State Representative, District 118

Robert Asencio

State Representative, District 119

Juan Fernandez-Barquin

State Representative, District 120

Holly Raschein


Alan Lawson: Yes/67



<extra_leading>Retain District Court of Appeal Judges

Kevin Emas: Yes/70

Ivan F. Fernandez: Yes/72

Norma Shepard Lindsey: Yes/74

Robert Joshua Luck: Yes/76

Circuit Judge 11th Judicial Circuit Run-off

Group 14

Renee Gordon

Constitutional Amendments

Here’s a summary of all 12 proposed amendment and what they do.

No. 1: No

No. 2: Yes

No. 3: Yes

No. 4: Yes

No. 5: No

No. 6: No

No. 7: No

No. 9: Yes

No. 10: No

No. 11: No

No. 12: Yes

No. 13: Yes

Miami-Dade County Amendments

No. 1: Yes

No. 2: Yes

No. 3: Yes

No. 4: Yes

No. 5: Yes

No. 6: Yes

School Board Referendum


City of Miami Ballot Measure

Soccer stadium plan: Yes

Lease of riverfront land: Yes

Strong mayor: No

Miami Beach Ballot Measures

Question 1: Yes

Question 2: Yes

Question 3: Yes

Question 4: Yes

Question 5: Yes

Question 6: Yes

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